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Industry-relevant websites selected by industry experts, our editorial staff and advisory board to help you find what you are looking for in the analytical chemistry universe. Find Pharma
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Applied Clinical Trials magazine, the global, peer-reviewed journal whose coverage features the process of managing clinical trials at the intersection where pharmaceutical product developers meet the strictly regulated medical researchers who test their new drugs. Turn to us as the authoritative, peer-reviewed resource and thought leader for the global community that designs, initiates, manages, conducts, and monitors clinical trials. Industry professionals learn effective and efficient solutions to strategic and tactical challenges within the tightly regulated, highly competitive pharmaceutical environment. Applied Clinical Trials
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BioPharm International integrates the science and business of biopharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing. We provide practical peer-reviewed technical solutions to enable biopharmaceutical professionals to perform their jobs more effectively. Bio Pharm
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From strategy to marketing to the best new ideas about sales, R&D, regulations, finance, meetings and IT, Pharmaceutical Executive covers it all. is part of the Life Sciences unit of Advanstar Communications that serves the healthcare, dental and veterinary fields, as well as pharmaceutical, science and drug discovery markets. Pharm Exec
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Pharmaceutical Technology is the authoritative source of peer-reviewed research and expert analyses for scientists, engineers, and managers engaged in process development, manufacturing, formulation and drug delivery, API synthesis, analytical technology and testing, packaging, IT, outsourcing, and regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Pharm Tech

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